Youth Art Workshops

We have free after school and summer workshops for youth who live, learn, play, or worship in Smoketown. Our programs and content are designed in collaboration with the community. Our teacher to student ratios are 1:5. We have classes in the following media:

Book Binding, Screen Printing, Sculpture, Painting/Drawing, Paper Making, Mural Painting, Textiles

STEAM Classes

We use the arts as a platform for young people to engage with concepts in STEM in innovative ways. Instead of teaching STEM and supplementing our lessons with art, we primarily teach art and supplement our lessons with STEM. Our partnership with Jefferson Memorial Forest's ECHO Program provides the opportunity for our youth to attend biweekly field trips to JMF.

Community & Commerical Screen Printing

Neighborhood youth are employed to create screen printed products. Profits are reinvested in to Steam Exchange to keep our programs free for Smoketown residents.

Our screen printing services include:

  • T-shirt/tote bag Printing (max orders of 250 shirts)
  • Screen Printing Events
  • Printing Workshops
  • Birthday Parties

Contact us for a price quote!

Internships & Employment

Our paid internships provide an opportunity for additional responsibility at the Steam Exchange. High School youth hone their screen printing skills, print their own designs, & develop skills as community arts leaders. Post internship youth are eligible for hire at our community & Commercial Screen Printing Shop

Public Art

Public art projects are designed collaboratively with neighborhood residents, and are created by Steam Exchange youth.