Steam Exchange's work is made possible through a combination of program-related earned income, private and government grants, corporate giving, individual philanthropy, and dedicated partners. We are grateful to everyone who has supported our work. Below are current and recent grantors and supporters whose significant contributions have helped Steam Exchange thrive.

  • External Agency Fund
  • Norton Foundation
  • Metro United Way
  • Kentucky Foundation for Women
  • John and Robyn Horn Foundation
  • Awesome Foundation
  • LG&E
  • Genentech
  • Tri-Arrows Aluminum
  • Mobile Initiative
  • Anisa & Andrew Kline
  • Tuney Kannapell
  • Matty Hawthorn
  • Leonor Linares
  • MINKY Foundation
  • Zappos

Alan Mauser, Alice Kannapell-Debbaudt, Alisa Muniz, Allison Paul, Amelia Pantalos, Anastasia Dunn, Andrea Kannapell, Ann Curtis, Annie Evelyn, Barbara Bennett, Barbara Mokler, Bella and Rick Kueber, Brennan Kannapell, Carol Kraemer, Casey Bradley, Catherine Barron, Catherine Hart, Chris Tabler, Cyndi Young, David Callahan, David Clark, David Lott, Fatima Carson, Gary Mauser, Gina Briggs, Jeffrey and Susan Callen, Jennifer Rubenstein, Jeryl Brunner, Joan Winters, Joni Tamalonis, Joseph Kannapell, JP Begley, Julia Black, Julie Besonen, Katharina Feil, Katherine Lam, Kathy Hasegawa, Katie Marks, Kelly Couterier, Kelsie Smithson, Kimberly Powers, Kirsten Bean, Leonard Kannapell, Lida Sparer, Lindsey Howard, Lynn Rippy, Marc Debbaudt, Margaret Merrick, Margie Kommor, Mark Biek, Mary Jo Murphy, Mary Kannapell, Mary Ralph, Meredith Sweeney, Michael Frank, Michael Owen, Michael Wolgelenter, Mo and Scotty Howe, Monique and Glen McFarland, Mr. Goering, Ms. Hames, Nancy Glaser, Neil Frank, Patricia Michaud, Phyllis Feinberg, Rebecca Katz, Rosalie Mauser, Sarah Zellers, Sharon Larue, Sharon Satterly, Sheila Irvin, Sherry Marshall, Skylar Smith, Stacy Smith, Stephen Taft, Stephen Taft, Steve Tabler, Steven Ward, Susan Hendrickson, Susan Hovekamp, Suzanne Kugler, Thelma Bichir, Theo Edmonds, Theresa Duke, Tom Alaimo, Tom Ryan, Vera Trainer, Vertner and Barbara Smith, Virgil Livers, Whitney Meagher, William Liebeskind, Yiming Wang, Zachary Allen-Kelly

Thank you to the following for donating supplies and materials:

  • Louisville Metro Housing Authority
  • Bailey Tools
  • Theresa Duke
  • Mary Dennis Kannapell
  • Alan Mauser
  • Trunnell Elementary School

Thank you to our wonderful Partners with whom we collaborate on a regular basis:

  • Family and Children's Place
  • Jefferson Memorial Forest (ECHO Program)
  • YouthBuild Louisville
  • Smoketown Neighborhood Association
  • Metro United Way
  • Louisville Metro Housing Authority
  • Smoketown Wellness Center