Water Kit


Explore STEAM applications of water! Learn about cool properties of water like absorption, capillary action, solubility and polarity. Discover the hidden rainbow of colors in water based ink with Chromatography paper. Paint a masterpiece with watercolor paint and special watercolor paper. Amaze yourself with Growing Spheres (superabsorbant polymers that can grow 300 times their original size!) and decorate your own Louisville Pure Tap water bottle with waterproof stickers so you can stay hydrated this summer.


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Kit Contents:

  • Water Kit Instructions
  • Chromatography Paper (10 Disks)
  • Growing Spheres (1.5 tsp)
  • 3 Color Tablets
  • 4 Waterproof Stickers to add to any water bottle! 
  • Watercolor Paints & Watercolor Paper (1 Paint set, 8 pieces of Water Color Paper)

This Kit can be used with the accompanying Steam Exchange video that walks you through each step of how to use your kit. Watch the video here!

Huge thanks to Josh Mauser for filming and editing this video!

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